About Triple A Consultancy


We are an Integrated Business Solutions provider;   currently Triple A Consultancy has three core business segments, Business Solutions, Consultation and Training. We are targeting to provide Business Solutions, consultation and Training Programs for wide ranges of business areas and sectors such as Business Sector, Industrial Sector, Healthcare Sector, and Government Sector. 


Our Values



  • Our Integrated Business Solutions are Agile.  They react speedily to changes in customer’s requirements.


  • Our Integrated Business Solutions are Adaptable over time as market structures and strategies evolve.  


  • Our Integrated Business Solutions are Aligned with the  interests of our customers’ requirements.




Our Approach 
Our success in achieving clients' objectives, results partly from the approach we follow. That we follow the following functions:  
1.  Visit your premises to understand problems & opportunities
2. Agree solution and training structure & elements with you
3. Sell the solution to your staff
4. Design & prepare solution, training & supportive notes, written specifically for your people, in the context of your business
5. Implement the solution
6. Follow Up the results with you



Our Commitment 

Triple A Consultancy will work in partnership with all the customers, employees, and owners to meet their requirements. We will not be satisfied with anything less, and we will continually improve our processes until those requirements are met. We will achieve these objectives with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and in a manner that will earn the respect of each group to which we are committed.


Commitment to Customers
Triple A Consultancy will understand and conform to our customer’s requirements by providing defect-free products and services.
We will provide our customers with products and services that are of the highest available value.
Commitment to Employees
In Triple A Consultancy will provide our employees with a secure, safe, and enjoyable work environment. In order to meet commitments to our customers and owners, we require employees who continually improve their performance levels.

Our Parteners
Much of what we are able to provide and accomplish will be through strong cooperation and partnership with professional suppliers, (ex. Quality America, CONTRINEX, TECTUS, ....)

CONTRINEX is a leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors and RFID. The Swiss company, with headquarters in Givisiez, has developed a unique range of products whose performance far exceeds that of standard devices. 




TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH is a privatly owned company and is based in Moers, Germany and has a long experience in the field of RFID. The founders of TECTUS, RFID pioneers, started in 1991 by developing the first RFID automotive transponder, used as RFID immobilizer in high volume applications.


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