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Triple A consultancy understand the growing demand of professional and corporate communities. Based on this understanding, Triple A Consultancy provide integrated SOLUTIONS in many aspects of the business, management, finance and industrial areas. Triple A Consultancy can provide CONSULTATIONS in many aspects of business, management, finance and Industrial and Business. In addition Triple A Consultancy provides numerous of professional TRAINING programs in numerous aspects for both individual and organizations development.
Triple-A Consultancy provide solutions in all aspects that include and not limited to:

1.   Industrial and automation solutions:



a.    Process improvement.



b.    RFID Solutions for retail, automotive, oil and Gas, healthcare, and cement industries.



c.    Automation and automatic control solutions.


d.    Waste management models and solutions.


2.   Business development solutions:



The degree of application of the Business Development Model will depend on the lifecycle stage of your business, the size of your business, the type of business and your desire to proceed through the process. Always remember, that the higher the degree of application the higher the chance of business success and the lower the risk of business failure.

3.   Supply Chain Solutions.


 4.    RFID Solutions.

 5.  Go-Green Solutions.


 6.  Security Solutions.

Triple-A Consultancy can provide advice and consultation in all aspects of Management, Industrial and Business that includes and not limited to:



1.   The Spectrum of Business Management Consulting Services: Corporate strategic planning, organizational development, feasibility studies, corporate and projects risk operations management & supply chain.



2. The Spectrum of Industrial Consulting Services: Quality, process improvement, feasibility studies, environmental studies, RFID, operations management & supply chain.



3.    Statistical & Biostatistics consulting services.



4.    Risk assessment consulting services.



5.    Security consulting services.


Triple-A Consultancy provide training in many aspects that include and not limited to:

- Project Management (PMP)

- Finance, Accounting and Auditing Control 

- Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma

- Management
- Engineering
-  Structure Analysis and Design By STAAD Pro V8i 

- Operation Management

- Supply Chain

- Research Methodology
- Statistics and Biostatistics
     Our success in achieving clients' objectives, results partly from the approach we take. We carry out the following functions:

1.    Visit your premises to understand problems & opportunities. 

2.    Agree solution and training structure & elements with you.

3.    "Sell" the solution to your staff. 

4.    Design & prepare solution, training & supportive notes, written specifically for your people, in the context of your business.


5.    Implement the solution.
6.    Follow up and evaluate
Why Triple A consultancy?
Our expertise and hands-on experience in business domain enables us to understand our customers better.
  • We are experienced professional managers who have delivered results over the years.
  • We achieve for you the ideal combination of theory and practice.
  • We are totally customer-oriented and work by setting clear goals and milestones.
  • We work with the teams (internally and externally) and (be) get involved practically in implementation.  

At Triple A Consultancy, we are dedicated to see our customer success.


Our primary goal is our customers’ satisfaction. We work hard to deliver it in a timely and cost effective manner.


We provide an integrated business approach through business development, engineering consulting by integrating it with business management consulting to ensure success of its customers.



We are also dedicated to education and training as a one of the vehicles for employee development and increased productivity. Also companies can tell us the kinds of training they needs, So we can organize it by working together to satisfy their requirement. In doing so, Triple A Consultancy fulfills its corporate and social responsibility.
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