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Concepts of Contemporary Management

This Training course is consists of 9 modules geared to provide the learners with the vital information needed for new and med-level managers. This course will provide the learners with an overview of the knowledge regarding the principles of management as they apply within the contemporary work environment. Different aspects of contemporary management functions will be discussed with focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, decision making, managing change & innovation as well as motivation. Special emphasis will be given to the environmental global challenges of modern management and the importance of preparing managers and their teams to cope with those challenges.
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: On completion of this Training course, you will be able to
·         Sharpen your understanding towards your organizational environment.
·        Understand the important topics in running management functions in accord with organizational goals and requirements.
·         Know the management disciplines essential to business success.
·        Develop your management skills such as leadership, motivation, decision making and communications skills.
This training Course is absolutely ideal for new managers, and mid-level managers. Also this course can give a flying start, whilst the more experienced managers will find it very stimulating and thought provoking.
36 hours training course (9 x 4 Hours Weekly Classes).
·         An introduction to the world of management (مبادىء عالم الإدارة)
·         Environments of management and organization (بيئات الإدارة و المؤسسة)
·         Organizational goal setting and planning (وضع أهداف المؤسسة و التخطيط لها)
·         Managerial decision making ((إتخاذ القرارات الإدارية
·         Innovation and change management (الإبتكار و إدارة التغير)
·         Leadership inside organizations أساليب القيادة داخل المؤسسات))
·         Motivation inside organizations (أساليب التحفيزداخل المؤسسات)
·         Communication inside organizations (التواصل داخل المؤسسات)
·         Teamwork inside organization (العمل الجماعى داخل المؤسسة)
·         Moreover the above out line weekly assignments, on-class applications and group projects will be organized.
A complete list of materials, that include, but is not limited to:
·         Participants Handouts (slides).
·         On class applications (soft and hard copies).
·         Additional recourse including articles, applications, and takeaways.


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