The importance of training and developments has led Triple-A consultancy to launch its training programs providing high-quality training for benefit of professional and corporate communities.



Goals of Triple-A consultancy training programs:

·       To endorse interchange of experience, ideas, knowledge, by providing advanced, high quality standard training programs.



·        To encourage further studies, higher standards of training and professional development.



·        To improve trainees knowledge, understanding application of new skills.



·        To enable trainees to exchange views, identify good practice and develop ideas. 



Training programs offered by Triple-A Consultancy include:

1.    Management Training Programs

2.    Project Management Training Programs

3.    Supply Chain Management Training Programs

4.    Operations Management Training Programs

5.    Environment

6.    Health

7.    Engineers and Technicians Training Programs

8.    Statistical & Biostatistics

9.    Health & Safety




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