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Assets Tracking

In spite of the business has a broad range of industries and services, but all the companies work through this broad range has assets and some of these assets are critical assets that drive their business. So the concept of assets management allows the companies to significantly control their assets, improve the visibility, utilization and security of their assets.
So applying RFID technology can assets the companies to enhance their assets management program, consequently achieve the companies objectives and satisfying their customers
Regardless of the type of company business and the type of the company assets being used, RFID can deliver the following benefits to a company:
                ·         Increased productivity
                ·         Improved asset maintenance Reduced capital and operational costs
                ·         Quickly locate critical assets
                ·         Maintain more accurate physical inventories with less manual labor
                ·         Cut inventory costs
                ·         Improve security for critical assets
                ·         Increase the utilization of the assets
                ·         Simplify audits

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